Social Circles

Social Circles

Published February 12th, 2018 by Skatingschooladmin

Looking for a truly moving after-school activity? When it comes to extracurricular activities for kids, only roller skating offers a comprehensive combination of physical sport, artistic expression, and social recreation.

“What sport combines the strength of a linebacker, the flexibility of a gymnast and the grace of a ballet dancer?” asks DynamicFitness founder Bryan Richardson “Only roller skating.”

First and last, roller skating is a fun pastime. Even better, it can be actively enjoyed with friends and family, young and old, from beginners to seasoned skaters.

“Anyone who can walk can roller skate,” says Skating School founder Anthony Berger. “What’s great about the neighborhood rink is that it’s one of the few places where kids can have a great time right along with their family and friends.”

Most kids’ activities leave parents and siblings watching from the sidelines or seats. Not so with roller skating. Everyone can participate. Even friends who are busy during the week with other sports or interests can meet at their local rink on an evening or weekend for a public session.

With 1,000 rinks throughout the U.S., recreational roller skating continues to attract many millions of enthusiasts each year. The Roller Skating Association International estimates that more than 13 million children and parents attend birthday parties alone, introducing roller skating to new families all the time.

“It’s really ideal for birthdays,” says Donna Cosio, who’s chosen to have her pre-teen daughter’s birthday at her local rink, Semoran Skateway, for two years in a row now.” All the kids have fun, and my house stays clean, too.”

Most rinks offer some form of instruction to help newcomers get off to a rolling start. For example, Skating School’s hour-long Learn to Skate classes at Semoran Skateway before Saturday morning tot skate sessions provide small group instruction and practice for only a nominal cost. For those enthusiasts wanting more challenge, pros can help skaters take their skills to the next level. At every turn, the skater decides the level of challenge that’s right for them. Or in the words of Berger, whose Skating School motto reflections his team’s inspiring belief in each student: The only limitations are those of vision.

“I feel good about the kids participating in skating,” says Cosio. “Not only is it active, but it’s active in a safe, supportive environment.”

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